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Office Policies

It is important to discuss any medications or substances that you may be taking, including over the counter medications, recreational drugs, alcohol, or any herbal medications, along with informing the doctor of your complete health status.  A physical exam is recommended every year.


All aspects of treatment are held in strict confidentiality, and written consent is required for any aspect of your treatment to be communicated to another party.  However, in cases of the possibility of significant dangerousness to yourself or others, the rule of confidentiality may be superseded. The law requires all cases of suspected child abuse/neglect be reported to the authorities.


If hospitalization is required, your inpatient care will be referred to another psychiatrist.  A referral may also be necessary in cases of significant alcohol or drug abuse, or other complex situation.  In case of the need for a referral, efforts will be made in assisting you to find an appropriate mental healthcare provider.


Unless prior arrangements have been made, you are responsible for filing your own insurance. Because of the importance of the doctor-patient relationship, regularly scheduled appointments are required in order for Dr. Wyant to prescribe medication.  Five business days should be allowed for medication refill requests.


If you need to contact the office for non-emergency purposes, call 817-410-2600.  Under emergency circumstances call the answering service at 817-514-2737 or 911 for emergency service.  Please do not use e mail or text for scheduling, prescription refills, or any urgent form of communication.